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Asymptech Bitcoin Mining Box – Room for 324+ Miners, S9 or S17, no problem.  We have a 810Kw distribution box/stepdown transformer.

Quantity of Miners: 324+ (Maximum 330)
4x 2mm Wall Galvanized Steel Sheeting, 2mm Roof Galvanized Steel Sheeting with Anti-Rust Paint (4) Coats,
4x 4×4 Iron Thick Plate Beam
1x 480V/60Hz 2000-2500MCM Cable Wiring to Spade Terminals from/to Power Transformer with;
1x Distribution Panel Box with 240V/60Hz Step-Down Transformer with 3/6/9 Independent Bus Spade Terminals (Power Transformer sold separately)
330x PDU outlets with breakers 16~20A 3-way
1x 720-810Kw(KVA) (480Vx1500A) of total power  (distributed to miners) (810Kw(KVA) / 324 = 2500W (Maximum per miner) (20A @ 240V available as an upgrade)
1000MCM Pure S-copper wiring system
BVR (Flat, PVC, Soft) 16/m2 Pure S-copper cables
330x pieces, cut to length to shelving, Ethernet Cabling System
20x of TP-Link Ethernet Switch (or equivalent) with 20 RJ-45 Connectors or more
3x Water Curtains
8x 240V/60Hz, 6×6’(180x180cm) Industrial Size Fans (Mining online under 50 degree Celsius) (900 CFM or 54000 CFH)
Gross Weight: 3 Tons (3000Kgs)
Dimensions: 19.69×9.19×9.84’(600x280x300mm)

Shipping is from Hong Kong.  Tariffs may not apply as Hong Kong is part of China but not the same system.  3% if paid by credit card to any port in the west coast of United States is included.  Any questions, please ask.  We know our boxes, trust us. Insurance included. Tariffs are extra.

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Weight 3000 kg
Dimensions 585 × 230 × 250 cm